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Trimmer Tycoon is a fun pixel art barbershop simulator in which you manage your own barbershop, giving trims to customers, hiring staff and upgrading your shop to amass a small beard trimming empire.

Beard trimming is a cutthroat industry in Trimmer Tycoon, with you having to balance speed and accuracy in your trimming techniques to fully satisfy your customers and earn enough money to pay your rent. Initially it can be pretty tough to balance the books as the rent is pretty extortionate – you’ll need to trim a lot of beards to afford the move to a new premises.

Once you’ve saved up enough cash to move to a larger barbershop you can focus more on the managerial side of the business (although you’ll still need to do some trims to pay the bills), with you able to hire and train new employees that will do some of the hard work for you. You can also purchase new items of furniture, which have small bonuses such as decreasing staff wages, increasing customer patience or increasing time between rent payments (which is very handy).

Trimmer Tycoon is a tough little game, but it’s pretty addictive, and there’s something strangely satisfying about hacking away at all those big bushy beards. Beard trimming fun that’s a cut above.

Controls: Mouse – Trim Beards, LMB -Trim/Select, RMB – Swap Equipment

Available On: Windows Only (Steam)

Download Trimmer Tycoon Here

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