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Trivius game

Trivius is a very impressive online multiplayer quiz game, with a wide range of topics, chatrooms, achievements and (most importantly) a sizeable user base so there’s always someone to play against.

Featuring a clean UI and easy to pick up and play gameplay, you can go from the home screen to playing a game in just a few seconds.  There’s a nice selection of categories to choose from, including mainstream gaming, general knowledge, science, sports and technology, all with plenty of questions so it’s unlikely you’ll see any repetition.

Once you’ve chosen your topic you can enter the chatroom or face-off against opponents in quick-fire battles of knowledge.  The faster you answer questions the more points you get so it’s not always the one that answers the most questions correctly that wins.  Matches last for five questions, after which you’ll earn XP to level up your profile.

The Trivius devs are still working on the game, adding new categories and features, but it’s already en excellent quiz based experience.  This is mainly thanks to the ease of use, the rapid speed you can enter a game and it’s perfectly simple UI.  There’s no unnecessary clutter in Trivius, it just focuses on what matters – the trivia.

 Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

UPDATE: This Game is No Longer Available

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