Trolley Delayma – Downloadable Game

Trolley Delayma is a puzzle game that delivers a fun little twist on the classic Trolley Problem, as you try to divert tracks and prevent people being run over by a runaway train trolley.

In the original Trolley Problem dilemma you are presented with a runaway rail cart that will run over multiple people if it continues on its current course, but will only kill one if you choose to divert it. But what if you could figure out a way to divert it and save everybody?

That’s the goal in Trolley Delayma, in fact the goal is to try and trap it perpetually in an infinite loop. You do this by running around and diverting the tracks, but you need to be careful not to derail the cart and not to get run over by the cart yourself!

It’s a fun little puzzle game with a charming Baba is You-esque visual style and easily accessible fast paced puzzles. Also it gives the definitive answer to who you’d save in the Trolley Problem – all of them!

Controls : Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Trolley Delayma Here

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