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truce game

Truce is a short, thought provoking game that focuses on trust and deception as two sides of a conflict meet to negotiate a truce.

In Truce, the two leaders of the opposing forces are meeting at the top of the screen and discussing a hopeful ceasefire and peace treaty.  With Terrence (on the left) clearly more in the right than the mass murdering Gerald (on the right), but Gerald seems genuinely sorry for his actions and looks to put an end to all this unnecessary bloodshed.

However, you don’t control either of the leaders – you control a soldier from Terrence’s side, who is tunnelling under the meeting place to reach a spot where you can plant a bomb that will kill Gerald and cripple his army.  To tunnel you simply have to press the arrow keys when prompted, but if you spend too much time paying attention to the negotiatons then you won’t be able to tunnel through in time.  Successfully tunnel through and you’ll be left with an important decision that will affect the ending – will you give peace a chance?

Controls:  Arrow Keys As Prompted

Available On:  Windows Only

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Truce Here

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