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Trump Card Game Download

Trump Card is a funny little game that asks the question that the whole world already knows the answer to – can anyone do a better job of being President than Donald J. Trump? Specifically, can YOU do a better job of being president than Donald J. Trump?

In Trump Card you sit at your office and decide what actions to perform to earn you cash, earn you power and earn you popularity. You’re given a choice of actions in various scenarios, such as deciding whether to accept handouts from your father or choosing which unreasonable executive order you want to push through.

All the options you can choose are generally pretty silly, but worryingly the stupidest options are often the ones that Trump has actually carried out himself. In the game it seems like the general public react best to blind demonstrations of power and bullshit, so a lot of the time you’re best off just asking yourself “what would Trump do?”. It can be a stressful job being in charge of an entire country though, so to unwind you can even go for a quick game of minigolf with your buddy Putin.

There are plenty of games nowadays that take a satirical swipe at America’s current Commander-in-Chief, but Trump Card’s one of the best made and well written that we’ve come across. If you fancy a bit of tongue-in-cheek Presidential simulation, you’ll enjoy this, bigly!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Linux

Download Trump Card Here

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