Trump Donald – Browser Game

Trump Donald Org game

Trump Donald (or is a super silly and absolutely hilarious game in which you blow a trumpet at Donald Trump and watch with glee as his ridiculous comb-over reacts to the trumpet blast.

Whatever your position on the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump has one of the worst hairstyles in the world – which makes messing with it all the more fun.  Sure, blowing a trumpet at his face of the potential next President of The United States and watching his combover flap around is a very puerile pastime – but it’s also ridiculously funny.  You’ll spend far more time than you really should on this silly little time-waster, and you’re not alone – at time of writing Mr Trumps hair has been trumpet blasted more than 14 million times by users worldwide.  We’re surprised that combover is still clinging on!

Controls:  Point, Click & Laugh

Available On:  All Browsers

Play Trump Donald Here

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