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Trump O Rama

Trump-O-Rama is a wonderfully satirical side scrolling shooter set in a world where Donald J. Trump has been elected president, but he still can’t find anyone stupid enough to enforce his xenophobic policies – so has to head down to the streets himself and ‘make America great again’.

In Trump-O-Rama you roam the streets armed with a machine gun and a rocket launcher on a mission to rid America of immigrants and terrorists. As well as shooting and blowing up foreigners you’ll also have to save rich business men and beauty pageant entrants, and round up enough Mexicans to build a great border wall. Perform well then your approval rating will go up and you’ll be able to unleash powerful attacks such as drone strikes or summoning a mob of rabid Trump supporters.

Much like Trumps political campaign, Trump-O-Rama is a garish, loud, silly and slightly tacky affair in which Donald Trump wages war against immigrants and people of other cultures. Unlike real life though, Trump-O-Rama is a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek experience that makes fun of Trump’s skewed grip of reality, morality and sanity. It’s peppered with fun in-jokes and ridiculous quotes from the man who may well end up being the next President of the United States of America. As you roam the streets blowing away people that fit Trump’s offensive brand of racial stereotypes, the only slight worry is that this may genuinely be how Donald Trump views the world!

Controls: Keyboard or Game Pad

Available On:  Windows Only

Download Trump-O-Rama Here

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