TRY AGAIN – Downloadable Game

TRY AGAIN is a short cinematic parkour platforming adventure where a test character voiced by Nolan North tests out an unfinished game.

In TRY AGAIN you step into the shoes of Benny, a test character that a developer is using to test out a game they’re working on. The game itself is a 2.5D parkour platforming adventure, with plenty of perilous jumps and wall-running. Benny’s really excited to be in the game, but the developer is having second thoughts.

The current version of TRY AGAIN is essentially a proof of concept demo for a planned full game, but it also works as a short standalone adventure. The parkour platforming is fun and well animated, but it’s the story and dialogue that are the real draw. The voicework of Nolan North and Stephanie Kerbis really elevate the experience and make you understand why the developer is so attached to her test character. Highly recommended.

Controls: Keyboard or Controller

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Gameplay Video: Here

Download TRY AGAIN Here

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