Tsuginohi: Whispering Toy House つぐのひ 囁く玩具の家 – Download Game

Tsuginohi: Whispering Toy House つぐのひ 囁く玩具の家 is a creepy and surreal little Japanese horror game about a young girl who’s attracted to the dark delights found within a mysterious antique toy store that appears in her town.

In Tsuginohi: Whispering Toy House you follow the story of a young girl as she visits a mysterious toy house each day. It’s a creepy place, but she’s drawn to it and a voice beckons her towards a strange door at the back of the shop. Naturally, the girl is a little afraid, but with each new day the girl has more courage and she feels more and more like she belongs in the shop…

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, the gameplay in Tsuginohi: Whispering Toy House is VERY minimal and is simply limited to you pressing left to walk left and spacebar to interact. Also, although the majority of the dialogue is in English, a lot of what the girl says is only in Japanese, so you may miss out on some of the story, but it’s not too hard to piece together. It’s certainly worth checking out though as the artwork is fantastic, it’s got a great sense of atmosphere and the narrative is genuinely very unsettling.

Controls: Left Arrow Key – Movement, Spacebar – Interact

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download or Play Tsuginohi: Whispering Toy House Here

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