Tsugunohi: The Cat Ghost & Episode 2 – Downloadable Game

Tsugunohi is a compilation of freaky Japanese horror games with very simple gameplay but tons of atmosphere and supernatural terror.

The Tsugunohi series has been very popular in Japan for some time now, and thankfully it’s now coming to Steam with a full English translation. The demo build of Tsugunohi features three different games from the Tsugunohi series – Tsugunohi Episode 2, The Cat Ghost and a demo for the upcoming The Ethereal Railroad Crossing.

The gameplay in each Tsugunohi story is pretty similar – you just walk left through environments that get creepier each day until something particularly nasty happens at the end. It’s a little rough around the edges and they’re more interactive experiences than games really, but they’re all very unsettling. Each game does a great joy of relaying its eerie narrative and ramping up the terror as the days go by. Highly Recommended.

Controls: Keyboard – Arrow Keys – Movement, Return – Interact

Available On: Steam

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Tsugunohi Here (Demo Contains The Cat Ghost, Episode 2 & One Demo)

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