Tubetris – Browser Game

Tubetris game

Tubetris is a very addictive blend of Tetris and Pipe Dream in which you control falling pieces to try and build the longest pipe networks possible, then drop a ball down them to clear the pipe and earn points.

Tubetris is very easy to pick up and play, with you simply having to manipulate the blocks with the arrow keys and get them to land where you want. It requires a markedly different strategy than the classic game of Tetris though – leaving gamp in your structure is less of a concern, instead you need to focus on creating lengthy pipework configurations which can be cleared when you drop a ball down them.

As well as the standard pipework there are some handy special tiles such as the cross junctions which allow you to dictate the direction the ball goes in and dynamite that explodes when another piece of dynamite is places aside it. It’s a simple but fun game, and much like the games it’s been inspired by, it’s very addictive too!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Move/Flip Pieces

Available On: All Browsers

Play Tubetris Here

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