Tumbledown Drive – Downloadable Game

Tumbledown Drive is a wonderfully infuriating Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy inspired platformer where you attempt to drive a car to the top of a huge ravine.

Created by Danienl Linssen (creator of Windowframe and Walkie Talkie), Tumbledown Drive is a pixel art platformer where mistakes can be very costly. In the game you control a cute little car that can drive and jump. Your aim is to reach the top of a vast ravine, and to do so you’ll need some deft platforming skills and an eye for details as you unearth the many secrets hidden within its walls.

It’s a very unique platfomer, not least because you’re controlling a car which can build up a lot of momentum. This is very handy for making large jumps, but can also be a hindrance when trying to stop on small platforms. There’s lots to discover as you climb the ravine, and much like Getting Over It With Bennet Foddy, it’s a rage inducing, but also very addictive game and you do feel yourself getting much better at it as you play. Highly recommended.

Controls: Arrow Keys – movement, Z – Jump, X – Horn

Available On: Windows

Download Tumbledown Drive Here

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