Turbo Tank Redux DX – Download Game

Turbo Tank Redux DX is a simple but fun little retro top-down tank blasting arcade adventure where you attempt make your way through a heavily armed base to collect five keys and grab the mystical Rainbow Gem.

There’s not really much of a narrative in Turbo Tank Redux DX – you simply have to use your tank to infiltrate an enemy base and grab a heavily guarded “Rainbow Gem”. You’re massively outnumbered, but your little tank is pretty maneuverable and you can collect an assortment of useulf power-ups that can aid your progress.

There’s nothing particularly innovative about Turbo Tank Redux DX but it’s a fun little tank blasting romp with a great retro aesthetic, a catchy chiptune soundtrack and fast paced arcade gameplay. A great little slice of old school arcade action well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Move – X – Fire, Z – Lock Aim, A – Switch Blaster

Available On: Windows

Download Turbo Tank Redux DX Here

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