Twitter Island – Downloadable Game

Twitter Island

Twitter Island is a charming little exploration game/time waster in which you explore an island populated by 10,000 birds who like to tweet!

Twitter Island was created by developer Daniel Linssen (@Managore) to celebrate reaching 10,000 followers on Twitter (so if you follow him on Twitter you’re most likely on the island somewhere). There’s no objective and no goals in the game – you simply relax and roam the island, and see what random tweets the birds come up with.

It’s a fun little experience exploring the bird-filled tropical island, but the main reason we love it is for it’s concept – how awesome would it be if there really was an add-on for Twitter that made reading tweets as pleasant as exploring this beautiful little bird island? Somebody make it happen!

Controls: Arrow – Keys Movement, Spacebar – Read Tweets

Available On: Windows Only

Download Twitter Island Here

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