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Two Pines Mall is a fun little game that recreates one of the most famous scenes in movies – Marty McFly’s reaching 88 miles an hour as he’s being chased by terrorists in the mall parking lot of the Twin Pines Mall!

There are many wild and ridiculous time and physics breaking things going on in Back to the Future, but perhaps the most egregious of those if the assumption that a clapped out old Delorean can reach 88 miles per hour. That’s exactly what you’re tasked with achieving though in Two Pines Mall, a fun little driving game that recreates the first time Marty McFly time travels as he’s being chased by terrorists who want their Plutonium back.

The gameplay in Two Pines Mall is fairly simple – you just drive around the mall parking lot, avoiding the terrorists and attempting to reach 88 miles per hour. It’s quite hard to reach that iconic speed though as the parking is quite cramped and has plenty of obstacles to avoid – success relies on finding the perfect place to unleash the mighty Delorean’s massive straight line speed!

It’s a fun little game with a nice low poly art style and a great premise. The Two Pines Mall parking lot scene is easily one of the most memorable scenes in movie history so it’s a delight to eventually have the chance to act it out. You’ll also have newfound respect for Marty’s driving skills because he made it look easy!

Controls: WASD – Movement

Available On: Windows

Download Two Pines Mall Here

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