Two Tapes – Browser Game

Two Tapes is a clever little puzzle adventure where you synchronize the audio tapes to make your way through a cassettle (a castle but with cassettes).

Created by Aureal (creator of H.M.S. Relentless Puzzler), in Two Tapes you find yourself trapped in a dungeon with a rather unhelpful talking wall and some audio tapes. It turns out that the audio tapes can be played on two separate tape decks and if you manage to sync them up correctly they can activate mechanisms and open doors. Maybe they’ll help you escape – there are 4.5 endings so surely one of them will lead out!

Some of the later puzzles are incredibly hard, but the tape-based puzzle gameplay is very inventive and it does come with a handy walkthrough in case you get stuck. It’s a fun little puzzler with a nice sense of humor, a charming 3D pixel art visual style and lots of great little secrets to discover. Will you escape the Cassettle?

Controls: WASD – Rotate Camera, Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Download Two Tapes Here

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