Type & Magic – Browser Game

Type & Magic is a very inventive typing-based puzzle platformer where you type words to make platforms appear for your character as they explore a mysterious castle in search of loot.

In Type & Magic you are a magician’s apprentice who has been sent to investigate the ruins of a strange castle by his master. In each single-screen level of the game your character auto-walks in whatever direction they’re facing (walking into a wall turns them around) and you can press spacebar to jump.

However, a lot of the platforms don’t manifest until you type them in, with each block appearing when you type the corresponding letter. Things start off fairly easily, but things get trickier when disappearing blocks are introduced and more convoluted routes through levels that require a lot more thought. Some of the levels also contain optional loot to collect, which give you a little lore about the world and you can decide to keep or give to your master.

It’s a very clever concept that not only tests your typing skills but your timing and problem solving skills too. The pixel art style looks excellent and there’s a surprisingly deep lore to the world and the castle you’re exploring. Highly recommended.

Controls: Keyboard – Type!

Available On: Browser

Play Type & Magic Here

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