Type to Continue – Downloadable Game

Type to Continue is a creepy typing horror game where you walk down a hotel hallway and have to type out the names of the tenants while being stalked by a monster.

In Type to Continue you find yourself in a seemingly infinite hotel corridor with rooms on either side. As you walk down the hallway you stop next to randomly selected hotel rooms and have to type out the name of the tenant before you’re allowed to move on.

Typing out a few names may sound easy, but there’s also the small fact that there’s a shadowy monster that’s chasing you through the hallway. If you stop and look around they will temporarily go away, but you can’t do that when you’re typing tenant names, so you need to be quick!

The names do get a little repetitive but it’s a fun concept and it makes for a very tense experience thanks to the atmospheric visuals and excellent binaural audio design. See if you can type fast enough to survive!

Note: The corridor isn’t infinite. It is possible to reach the end!

Controls: WASD/Arrows – Look, Keyboard – Type, F1 – God Mode

Available On: Windows

Download Type to Continue Here

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