Tyrant’s Realm – Download Game

Tyrant’s Realm is a fun little PS1 styled Dark Souls inspired mini action RPG adventure where you fight your way through a medieval dungeon and battle a powerful boss.

In Tyrant’s Realm you take on the role of an unnamed protagonist as they fight their way through a medieval dungeon. You start the game with nothing (not even a weapon), but as you progress you can find weapons and armour hidden around the world which will increase your chances of survival somewhat. The gameplay is very much like in Dark Souls, with you exploring and fighting enemies using a stamina based control scheme (although there’s no shields here).

It’s a pretty short game, with two fairly brief normal levels and a boss fight. It’s got a great retro visual style and the combat is a little clunky, but in a good PS1-era way. Obviously Tyrant’s Realm lacks the depth and polish of Dark Souls, but it is a great little bite-sized Soulslike action RPG adventure that’s perfect for fifteen minutes of fun.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard or Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Download Tyrant’s Realm Here

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