U-Turn – Browser Game

U Turn the Game

U-Turn is a super addictive little roguelite action platformer in which the world that you travel across constantly evolves and extends each time you collect a flag at the end of the level.

U-Turn is made up of one single short level that you have to reach the end of within a time limit, collect a flag and then tuen back and go to the start, and so on. The flags that you collect have random effects on the environment, such as adding hazards, deadly enemies or even adding an extension to the middle section of the level. This means that each run is totally different, so you really have to keep your wits about you while hopping around the level. Collect enough flags and you’ll even unlock permanent upgrades that should aid your progress a little.

It’s a clever premise that’s backed up with charming pixel art visuals, tight controls and some challenging instal-death gameplay. It’s amazing how complex that little level can get after a few U-turns!

Controls – Arrow Keys – Movement, Up – Jump

Available On: All Browsers

Play U-Turn Here

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