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UberHot game download

ÜberHot offers a fun, fast paced blend of SUPERHOT and Hotline Miami as you go on a top-down time-only-moves=when=you-do rampage through a skyscraper to save the Prince of Nigeria and earn a one million Dollar reward.

The gameplay mechanics in ÜberHot are nice and easy to pick up for anyone who’s ever played SUPERHOT and Hotline Miami. You simply make your way through a series of floors in a building, shooting enemies and dodging bullets in combat where one hit means death and time only moves when you do.

It’s a fairly short game, but offers a significant challenge, especially in the final levels where ammo is limited and every bullet counts. The pixel art animation is simple but very stylish and the intense electronic soundtrack really helps to heighten the adrenaline levels. Slick, stylish and super cool top down time bending run and gun action.

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download UberHot Here

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