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Ultra ADHD game

Ultra ADHD (Amazing Death and Huge Destruction) is a wonderfully weird fourth wall breaking first person action adventure in which you play a silent protagonist sent on a mission to defeat an Evil God and save the world.

Everything about Ultra ADHD is fun – from it’s charming sprite based visuals to it’s tongue-in-cheek narrative packed full of fantastic twists and witty dialogue. It takes around 20 minutes to play, and to say too much about the story will give away some great surprises, but it basically involves you playing a traditional FPS-style silent protagonist who gets sent on a mission to save the world by a couple of odd characters called ‘Motherland’ and ‘Fatherland’.

It’s a fabulous little adventure full of memorable characters, in jokes, stylish artwork, zombie bashing, clever writing, and great twists. The only thing that it’s missing is a stoned sheep standing in a field, smoking weed and rambling on about its life. Oh wait… Ultra ADHD does have that? It really does have everything.  Go and play it now!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available On: Win, Mac & Linux

Download Ultra ADHD Here

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