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Umbragram plays like a tricky blend of Picross and Echochrome as you try to construct 3D structures based on their 2D silhouettes.

In Umbragram you are presented with a three dimensional board with a panel either side ot it that contains a 2D silouette. In each level you need to build a 3D structure that matches the silouette. You just click on the area you want to build on to add a block and you can rotate the board to get a better view. The first couple of puzzles are pretty easy, but the dificulty soon ramps up as you end up with more complex silhouettes which can have multiple solutions.

It’s a well designed little puzzler with a simple visual style and some remarkably complex puzzles that will test your spatial logic. Some of the 3D structures can end up looking very different from their 2D silhouettes! Highly recommended.

Controls: LMB – Place Block, Z – Undo, A/D – Rotate

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Umbragram Here

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