Uncle Panko’s Terrible Little Farm – Downloadable Game

Uncle Panko’s Terrible Little Farm is a wholesome little first person horror game where you tend to your uncle’s weird farm and follow his strange rules.

Created by K.C. Amber (creator of B-Keeper) Uncle Panko’s Terrible Little Farm sees you following the adventure of a teenage boy who goes to spend a little time at his uncles’s farm during the summer vacation. However, when you get to the farm your uncle is nowhere around and instead has left you lots of notes asking you to tend to the farm and obey his rules while he’s gone.

The hand drawn artwork and colorful visuals are delightful and it’s got a great sense of humor – one particularly funny running gag is that your uncle can never remember your name and constantly refers to you by random names in his letters. It’s definitely more funny than scary, but Uncle Panko’s Terrible Little Farm still manages to have a few creepy moments. Just be sure to follow those rules!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, Shift – Run, LMB – Sickle, E – Interact

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Uncle Panko’s Terrible Little Farm Here

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