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Unfair Rage Platformer is a deliberately rage inducing and unfair 2D platforming adventure that plays a little like Unfair Mario , with you attempting to make it though deviously designed levels that troll you with hidden booby traps.

Unfair Rage Platformer features fifteen levels and three boss levels spread across three differently themed worlds. It’s unlikely you’ll see most of that content though as the game is ridiculously hard and will most likely result in you rage quitting or smashing up your keyboard before you even make it through the first level!

The levels in Unfair Rage Platformer look reasonably easy at first glance, but once you set foot in them then you notice that there’s a reason it’s called UNFAIR Rage Platformer. Death can come in many unexpected ways as you make your way through the levels – a small cloud may strike you with lighting, the spikes you’re trying to jump over may fly into the air and impale you or blocks may suddenly appear to block your path during a jump. The most deadly hazards in Unfair Rage Platformer are the ones you don’t see, and you’ll have to memorise the locations of every one to make it through a level.

If you have a low threshold for rage quitting then it’s best to give this game a wide berth, but if you’ll looking for a real challenge of your platforming skill, memory and endurance Unfair Rage Platformer is about as tough as it gets. How far will you get?

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Jump

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Unfair Rage Platformer Here

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