Unicorn Startup Simulator – Browser Game

Unicorn Startup Simulator is a fun little browser based business management sim in which you make tough decisions as you attempt to guide your company to a 1 Billion Dollar valuation within a year.

Taking place over the course of a year, Unicorn Startup Simulator sees you making a series of decisions about your business, whilst trying to keep your staff happy and the cash flowing in. In each playthrough you’re presented with randomly selected questions/statements, then given a choice of two actions to perform that will most likely have an affect on morale or your company value. Your aim is to choose the best (or least worst) option and guide your company to that legendary Billion Dollar valuation.

It’s a simple, but addictive little game, with charming pixel art visuals and a great sense of humor. Well worth checking out for some bite sized browser based business management.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Unicorn Startup Simulator Here

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