Universal Paperclips – Browser Game

Universal Paperclips is a simple looking, but very addictive and paperclip manufacturing incremental clicker that takes you to some very surprising places.

In Universal Paperclips you manage a paperclip production facility, clicking on buttons, purchasing supplies, upgrades, marketing and equipment as you attempt to become the biggest paperclip company in the universe. Things start off on a small scale, with you manually clicking away at a button to make paperclips, but as you progress things get bigger and MUCH more complex.

It’s a very addictive game and has a lot more interaction, strategy and management than most incremental clickers. An epic incremental clicker that takes some very cool twists along the way. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Tip: Drop your selling price down to around $0.08 at the start to make cash a little quicker

Play Universal Paperclips Here

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