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Unlock Everything is a fun little retro Mega Man style action platforming adventure where you take control of an amnesiac cyborg who starts the game with absolutely nothing – not even the ability to see or move!

Created for Ludum Dare 45, in Unlock Everything you really do have to unlock everything – you even have to unlock the option to start the game! You take control of Libra, a Mega Man esque heroine who must unlock abilities (such as being able to jump or move right) and game features (such as music and background art) as she makes her way through three tricky levels in search of answers.

It’s a great little game with a clever concept, a good sense of humor, excellent pixel art animation and fun old school action platforming gameplay. There’s a real enjoyment to be had from in unlocking each new unlock for all the features we take for granted in video games. A quirky little action platform adventure well worth unlocking!

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Shoot, X – Jump

Available on: Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser

Download Unlock Everything Here

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