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Unreal PT is a near perfect fan made Unreal Engine 4 powered recreation of P.T. that’s playable on PC, complete with all the cryptic puzzles and hallway looping horror.

Since Konami cancelled Silent Hills and removed P.T. from the Playstation Store, the only way to experience one of the best horror experiences of the last few years was if you still had it installed on your PS4. There have been other attempts at a fan made recreation of P.T. (perhaps most notably PuniTy, which recreated it in Unity) but they mostly all recreated the hallway but not all of the gameplay. Unreal PT recreated the entire game, with all of the puzzles and all of the scares. It’s such a faithful remake that you can follow the walkthrough of the official version to complete the Unreal PT version.

It’s an incredible achievement – particularly as all the textures, models, animations, gameplay, and code have been recreated from scratch by one person. If you played the original or (or if you didn’t) you owe it to yourself to check out Unreal PT. Or at least download it and keep it somewhere safe as Konami’s lawyers may have a thing or two to say about the project.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, RMB – Zoom, X – Interact

Available On: Windows

Note: In the game folder you’ll find a guide on how to beat the game

Full Walkthrough Video: Here

Download Unreal PT Here

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