Unrottenskulls – Downloadable Game


Unrottenskulls is a short, colorful and stylish third person action game that feels a little like Dark Souls, but with bright, high contrast visuals and a cute little chibi-style character as the protagonist.

In Unrottenskulls you control a little girl with a very big sword, who must travel through areas battling weird looking chicken-monsters and then fight the boss. The gameplay in Unrottenskulls does feel a little bit clunky and the frame-rate can take a bit of a hit on less powerful PCs (killing a few monsters seems to rectify that a little), but it’s a strangely beautiful place to explore that will keep you engrossed throughout it’s short 10 minute playtime.

Although they look imposing, the enemies aren’t too hard to defeat and there’s an oddly Shadow of the Colossus-esque melancholic feel to the game. You’re not given any backstory about why you’re killing these creatures, and as you travel through the areas you notice the carcasses of giant beasts that have previously been slain. On the whole the monsters don’t really attack first either, they simply seem to fight back when threatened. You may be a cute little girl, but maybe you’re the monster here….

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Spacebar – Roll, Mouse Look,  LMB – Attack,  RMB – Charged Attack

Available On:  Windows Only

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Unrottenskulls Here

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