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Unthread is a freaky little black and white VHS styled horror game where you are a strange puppet creature that has to avoid “The Mother” and gather the objects required to perform an occult ritual.

In Unthread you awaken in a room full of young boy-sized puppets that are hanging from the ceiling. It appears you are one of those puppets and you’ve sprung into life, but you’re trapped in the house with a mysterious entity known as “The Mother”. The Mother patrols the house and will kill you if she finds you. You need to elude her while gathering the various items required to perform an occult ritual that will aid your escape.

It’s a simple, but stylish and effective little horror game with a great sense of atmosphere and a terrifying antagonist. Once you get to grips with it then it is quite easy to avoid The Mother, but you can still end up cornered in a small room if you’re not careful and there’s something really disturbing about the way she crawls through tunnels and under tables to get to you.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interaction,

Available On: Windows & Android

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Unthread Here

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