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Untitled Cube Game is a delightful little puzzle game where you roll cute claymation cubes around cleverly crafted levels to help them join with similarly colored cubes.

In each level of Untitled Cube Game your goal is to arrange all of the cubes so they are all next to similarly colored cubes (pink next to pink and green next to green). You can’t control the cubes individually though – when you move one they all want to move. This means you need to be a little creative with the way you shift them around the environments, especially once spikes and other hazards are introduced.

This type of block rolling puzzle game is nothing new, but the level design is very creative and the claymation styled visuals are fantastic. There is a slight issue with the shades of the pink and green cubes being a little tricky for some colorblind users to distinguish, but other than that it’s a fantastic little cube rolling puzzler well worth checking out.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse+LMB – Rotate Camera

Available On: Windows

Download Untitled Cube Game Here

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