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UpEnd is a chilled out and surprisingly challenging physics based puzzle game where you lay a trail of dominoes from a starter white domino to try and knock over all the green dominos in each level.

The rules in UpEnd are fairly simple – knock over all the green dominoes by creating a chain of events from the white starter domino. You can’t move the white or the green dominos but you can move, rotate and place black ones. What’s more you can’t cheat buy placing dominos in such a way that they’ll fall over without being touched by another one – there has to be an unbroken chain of events from the starter domino to the green ones.

The UI of UpEnd is very easy to get to grips with, allowing you to place your dominos quickly and accurately. You’ll need to be accurate too – the initial stages are fairly easy but half way through things start to get really tough, with you essentially having to pull off crazy trick shots to get past them. As hard as the puzzles get, it never gets frustrating though thanks to the chilled out atmosphere and when you manage to complete an impossible looking level it can feel like quite an achievement!

Controls: LMB – Grab Domino, Middle Mouse Button – Rotate Camera, R – Rotate Domino, Tab – Change Domino Orientation

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download UpEnd Here

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