Upsolom – Downloadable Game


Upsolom is a very stylish and atmospheric first person platforming exploration game that sees you piloting a big floaty mech through a huge low poly cityscape.

The aim is to collect various glowing symbols and deactivate (or possibly activate) glowing red beacons.  To do this you must navigate your way through the city in your mech.  Due to the large thruster-propelled jump arc and floatyness of your mech, jumping from building to building is a surprisingly easy and chilled out experience.  Where the real fun lies is in discovering routes through the vast cityscape – you’re very much left to your own devices – with no tutorials and very little guidance, so plotting routes through the city is a fairly cerebral and rewarding experience.

It’s a relaxing, sedate(in a good way) and very stylish first person platformer that’s more about the joy of exploration than precision platforming.

Controls:  WASD – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, Mouse – Look, RMB – Flashlight

Available On:  Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Upsolom Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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