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Van Tourismo is a great little Super Sprint de-make that sees you earning points and upgrading your van as you race around challenging single-screen tracks.

Playable in single player or local multiplayer, Van Tourismo plays pretty much the same as the arcade classic Super Sprint game – it even has the same tracks (and some extras ones) complete with short-cuts, jumps and oil slicks. You take part in a series of races and must win the races to progress, with each race earning you points to make your way up the leaderboard. You can also collect wrenches to earn upgrades for your van (tyres, speed and acceleration), with you requiring three wrenches per upgrade.

Much like Super Sprint, Van Tourismo offers a great little slice of retro arcade racing. The retro pixel art visuals are excellent and the gameplay is great fun as you jostle for pole position among all the other racers. Well worth checking out for some old school single screen retro racing.

Controls: Arrow Keys/WASD – Movement

Available On: Windows

Download Van Tourismo Here

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