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Vavio is a very cool mouse controlled minimalist musical bullet hell shooter that sees you trying to survive 12 electronic music tracks that sync with the bullet formations which fill the screen.

In Vavio you control a tiny little ship that you move with the mouse. The mouse controls allow for plenty of precision, which is handy as there are a LOT of bullets to dodge in this shooter. The game is split up into 12 levels, each based on a different music track and featuring unique enemy formations and bullet patterns for you to weave your way through. You can destroy some of the enemies, including bosses and you also have three useful power-ups that you can use once your ship is fully charged up.

It’s a fun game with excellent audio/visual design that syncs up the music and the on-screen action perfectly. The mouse controls make it much more accessible than most bullet hell shooters too, allowing you to dodge and weave through the myriad of bullets with a great amount of accuracy. It makes for a bullet hell shooter that isn’t hell, it’s an audio/visual delight.

Controls:Mouse – Movement, Mouse Wheel or 1/2/3 – Select Power-Up, RMB – Use Power-Up

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Vavio Here

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