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Vector Locust

vectorLocust deluxe2015 is a super stylish vector based blend of first person vehicular combat and tower defence in which you build and repair defenses while fighting off waves of invaders.

The vector based world of vectorLocust is a joy to swoop around in your ship – it’s amazing how much detail can be created via the skeletal wireframe visuals.  The waves of enemies look pretty menacing and can pose quite challenge, especially when they attack in numbers.  Ammo is in limited supply but you can recharge it by touching the circular nodes, and you can even build turrets and cannons to assist you once you’ve collected enough resources.

Vector based games always look pretty cool, but vectorLocust is one of the most spectacular looking we’ve come across, and backs the visuals up with fun, challenging gameplay.  Style and substance all crammed into a tiny 455kb download.

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Mouse – Aim, LMB – Fire,  RMB – Repair Structure, Q – Build Turrets,  E – Build Cannon

Available On:  Windows Only

Download vectorLocust deluxe2015 Here

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