Veloce – Browser Game

Veloce is a fast paced and very addictive arcade game where you have no control over the direction you shoot, instead it’s dictated by the upgrades you get which improve your firepower and dramatically change your shot patterns.

Created for Ludum Dare 45, in Veloce you control your little circular ship with your mouse and attempt to dodge enemies and survive for as long as possible. You start with no firepower at all, but as you collect more power-up pellets your firepower increases. Your bullets are only short range so you have to get quite close to enemies to dispatch them and your attack pattern changes each time you level up. This means that you level up you may go from only firing downwards to performing a double-shot to the right or even dropping mines for enemies to hit.

It’s a simple, but very addictive game with stylish minimalist visuals and a very catchy soundtrack. The mouse-based controls are very responsive and the upgrade system really keeps you on your toes. See how long you can survive!

Controls: Mouse – Movement

Available on: Windows, Mac & Browser

Download or Play Veloce Here

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