Venngram – Browser Game

Venngram is a clever little puzzle game where you need to figure out the best placement of intersecting colored circles to solve each puzzle.

In each level of Venngram you need to cover different colored shapes with the corresponding color of circle. You can drag and drop the large circles anywhere you like (and overlapping with the same color cancels it out), but the smaller circles, squares and triangles are fixed in place. The smaller circles, triangles and squares have specific requirements to be activated – such as squares need to be totally uncovered and triangles only activate when covered by a single color.

The rules of Venngram may sound a little complicated when written down, but it’s a remarkably simple concept when you actually play it and it allows for some very creative puzzle design. It makes for an addictive and tactile little puzzle experience well worth checking out.

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On: Browser

Play Venngram Here

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