Vermination – Downloadable Game


Vermination is well crafted 2D adventure horror in which you play an amnesiac who wakes up in a strange mansion and slowly discover untold abominations of science hidden within its grounds.

The visual style and gameplay in Vermination is similar to Home, but while with Home the horrors were purely psychological, in Vermination there are some very real monsters to be afraid of.  It’s an impressive game with an intriguing story that takes a few interesting twists as you explore the mansions grounds, and it’s amazing how much terror can be squeezed out of the excellent 2D pixel art visuals.  Fantastic, freaky and genuinely frightening stuff.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement,  Z – Interact,  Spacebar – Skip Dialogue

Available On:  Windows Only

Gameplay Video:  Here

Download Vermination Here

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