Vermis Orbita – Downloadable Game

Vermis Orbita is a simple, stylish and addictive little game where a dragon god fends off hordes of enemies.

In Vermis Orbita you control a big dragon god in a small single screen arena which spawns enemies from around the rim. Despite being a big bad-ass dragon you’re very vulnerable to attack and a single hit to your head will kill you. You do have an attack, but it’s on a cooldown so you need to use it effectively. As you progress you also unlock upgrades which allow you to do more damage.

It could do with a deeper upgrade system and more varied enemy attacks, but it’s got a very cool visual style and it’s always fun to be a dragon. A fun concept that would be good for expanding on.

Controls: A/D – Turn, Spacebar – Attack

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Vermis Orbita Here

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