Vernacular – Browser Game


Vernacular is a fantastic puzzle adventure played through a series of beautifully crafted pixel art Polaroid pictures, with inventive gameplay and striking imagery.

The way in which you interact with Vernacular is truly unique.  You scroll through a selection of Polaroid pictures laid out in front of you and interact with them in a variety of ways – from simply finding a hidden object to drawing a picture.  Your actions on one picture may affect what’s shown on another picture, slowly piecing together a dark and fragmented narrative as you progress.

The inventiveness of the gameplay, excellent pixel artwork and dark subject matter really impress in Vernacular.  A picture perfect pixel art puzzler.

Controls:  Mouse – Point, Click & Drag

Available On:  All Browsers

Stuck? Check Out a Full Walkthough Here (Contains Spoilers)

Play Vernacular Here

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