VGA Golf – Downloadable Game

VGA Golf is a 90’s era MS-DOS styled golfing game that allows you to go for a chilled out retro round of golf on your own or with friends.

Playable in single-player, local multiplayer of networked multiplayer, VGA Golf delivers a wonderfully stripped back and stress-free golfing experience with lots of retro charm. The options available are fairly simple – you can customize your character then and go out for a round of golf. You have a limited selection of clubs you can switch between and the swing mechanics are timing-based, with you choosing the power then the accuracy.

It’s a wonderful homage to the classic MS-DOS era PGA Golf games, with easily accessible gameplay and some excellent sound design (even down to the announcer who pipes up with little phrases such as “great shot”” or “in the rough!”. The retro styled visuals are a particular highlight, as even though they look like something from the 90’s there are lots of great little details in the scenery that add a lot to the experience. Highly recommended

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard, Control Pad

Available On: Windows

Download VGA Golf Here

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