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ViDdEO is a surreal adventure horror all portrayed through security footage of a strange hotel, where you control an odd 4-armed humanoid, solving puzzles and fighting some very creepy enemies.

You are investigating security video footage of events that took place in a hotel, but the video footage is blending with your own reality.  You find yourself inside and outside the media discovering the tapes in the very place you are watching.

ViDdEO has a very creepy vibe thanks to the surreal beings that inhabit the hotel (including you), excellent audio design and the constant VHS flicker which really helps build up the tense atmosphere.  Your character may look odd, but those four arms certainly come in handy – as an inventory system and for fighting off attackers.

Each arm is controlled individually via the numberpad, so if you want to pick-up or use something, you simply press the corresponding number.  It’s an interesting system that works surprisingly well once you figure it out.  Roaming the rooms of the hotel are some particularly freaky looking creatures, you can fight them by punching, but it’s best to find a gun as soon as possible.

With it’s fixed camera angles and survival horror aspects, ViDdEO is fondly reminiscent of the early Resident Evil games, but far freakier.  Superb spooky and surreal stuff.


Arrow Keys – Move,   Spacebar – Interact,  Numberpad: 7 – Top Left Arm, 9 – Top Right Arm, 1 – Bottom Left Arm, 3 – Bottom Right Arm

Available on: Windows & Mac

Download ViDdEO Here (Pay What You Like or Free)

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