Videopulp: Super Carty’s Dread – Download Game

Videopulp: Super Carty’s Dread is a very weird little game, based on real life events, where you attempt to help a little bootleg Game Boy cart avoid being squashed by Mario in a steam-roller.

Drawing inspiration from a real life event in 1994 when Nintendo used a steam-roller to destroy thousands of bootleg carts in a Dutch airport, Videopulp: Super Carty’s Dread sees you taking on the role of one of these cars as it makes a break for freedom. It’s a fairly simple game, with en eerie horror vibe, as your cute little bootleg cart runs about an airport while being chased by Mario in a steam-roller.

It’s a fun little oddity that gives you a real sense of panic the first time you see mario looming over you in his big Nintendo steam-roller. There’s no way to complete the game and save the poor little bootleg cart, but that’s probably quite realistic anyway – no matter how much you run there’s no way to beat Nintendo’s lawyers in real life either!

Controls: WASD – Movment

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Download Videopulp: Super Carty’s Dread Here

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