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Vidiot Game is an extremely weird and surreal minigame adventure which plays a little like WarioWare, but with randomly generated narratives, more adult humor and a presentation style that makes you feel like you’re going insane as you play it.

It’s quite hard to accurately describe what Vidiot Game is, but it’s a very weird and enjoyable experience nonetheless. It plays out via a collection of minigames and each playthrough can take just a few minutes, but due to the randomly generated nature of the game each new adventure is very different. The minigames are fairly short, but usually not timed and a little longer than those in WarioWare and the choices you make during them can affect how your story plays out. Also, there’s a “Vidiot Mode” if you want to make the game even weirder.

It’s a wonderfully schizophrenic experience that’s full of surreal sights and bizarre humor. The hand drawn art style works really well and it has tons of replayability (though you may need to check yourself into a mental institute if you play for extended periods of time).

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard of Control Pad

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Vidiot Game Here

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