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viridi game

Viridi is a relaxing little gardening experience in which you care for and nurture your very own virtual pot plants and watch them grow in real time.

There are no shortcuts in Viridi (though singing to them may help a little), you simply plant, water and wait.  The plants are fairly tough, and can only really die from over or under-watering so you don’t need to be a gardening expert to grow them.  Once you’ve planted and watered your plants, you simply sit back and wait.  It’s meant to be left open in a second window while you work, or checked in on now and again for a bit of meditative gardening.

You get a nice selection of starter pots and plants when you start the game, and get a free plant seed each week, but if you want to support the developers, you can also purchase new seeds in the nursery.  Your little collection of plants take a long time to grow, but that’s the whole point.  In a world where so many games are keen to give you everything as soon as possible, Viridi slows things down to a crawl, making for a wonderfully relaxing experience as you tend to your plants and watch them slowly grow.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Note:  To bring up the full menu, simply click anywhere outside of the pot.

Download Viridi Here

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  1. Does anyone else have this game on their Android phone? I’m having trouble with it as in I can’t do anything besides remove a plant or a snail and water the plants. What do I do?

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