Virtual Cottage – Download Game

Virtual Cottage is a charming little desktop toy that aims to give you a cozy distraction free environment where you can listen to lo-fi tunes and complete your real-life tasks.

There’s very little interaction in Virtual Cottage – it’s essentially a diorama of the interior of a charming little cottage. The lighting changes according to the (real-time) time of day and you can adjust a couple of sliders that play lo-fi music and weather sounds.

The main point of Virtual Cottage is the timer – you can set it for any amount of time (up to an 100 minutes) and assign a task for you to complete during it. This can be any task you can think of, something you’ve been putting off for a while maybe. The timer for the task can’t be changed once it’s started and the cottage can sit there on your desktop providing a cozy environment for you to complete it.

It’s a simple, uplifting and surprisingly effective little experience that can really help you get started on those uncomfortable tasks you’ve been putting off for ages. A great little toy for these trying times.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Virtual Cottage Here

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