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virtual morality

Virtual Morality is an interactive first person murder mystery movie in which you are the protagonist and make choices that directly affect the narrative.

Set in the type of college party that only happens in American movies, populated with all your stereotypical cliques,  Virtual Morality is essentially an FMV choose your own adventure with the story branching out in multiple directions dependant on your choices.  Do you stay with the popular clique or go with the inquisitive loner?  Do you help the girl or chase the killer?  The choice it yours.

As Virtual Morality is essentially an interactive movie, the story and acting quality are paramount, and thankfully it doesn’t disappoint.  There’s the occasional bad performance (which actually adds to the enjoyment), but on the whole the cast, editing and story are great, certainly warranting multiple playthroughs to discover everything that’s going on at the party.

There’s a nice balance between tension and laugh out loud humor throughout Virtual Morality.  It’s a great concept that we can’t wait to see more of, and it also contains one of the best lines ever spoken on camera:  ‘Listen up you sons of bitches, there’s a goddamn knife in my head and you need to do something about it now!’

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click

Available On:  All Browsers

Follow Virtual Morality’s Developer Here

Play Virtual Morality: Episode 1 Here (Next Episode Due Sept 14th)

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