Vivo – Game Download

Vivo Game Download

Vivo is an eye-popping blend of neon visuals, rhythm action, Super Stardust and Geometry Wars in which you dodge bullets, blast enemies and time special abilities to the music.

In Vivo you control a ship on a Super Stardust-style planetoid and must blast your way through waves of deadly enemies. You move with the WASD buttons and your ship continually auto-fires in the direction you point the mouse in, but you can also unleash powerful special moves in time with the music.

While playing if you hold the left mouse button you’ll start to charge up a power-shot that you can unleash if you release it in time with the beat. Likewise holding and releasing the right mouse button in time with the beat will also allow you tun unleash one of four special abilities, such as shields or freezing all the enemies for a short period of time.

The rhythm based gameplay of Vivo can take a little time to get to grips with and there can be issues with frame-rates at times, but it’s a very cool audio visual experience with pulsing visuals and great tunes. A super stylish bullet dodging, baddie blasting beat matching shoot-em-up where rhythm is your power-up.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB – Charge Power-Shot, RMB – Special Abilities

Available On: Windows

Download Vivo Here

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